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December 8th, 2011

Hello everyone! It’s been a long time since I have last blogged, however, I think many of you will be happy to see me back. After a long time out of the porn industry, I began to think to myself how much I missed expressing my sexuality with others. While I will not be diving full force back into the world of professional porn, I will be spending a hell of a lot of time producing new content for my website as well as fetish work for my clips4sale store. I will also be doing weekly webcam shows for my members, aiming for about 3 shows per week. I will be uploading new scenes very soon for and I look forward to sharing my new material with you all! I am taking scene requests so feel free to comment here and leave some suggestions for scene ideas!

Much love!


Evil Angel shoot info! Kink Shoot details!

May 1st, 2010

So I am doing a shoot tomorrow for evil angel…it will be my second time shooting for them so I am super excited! My room mate Sierra Skye, will also be in the scene with me. We are going to be doing a super aggressive blow job scene. Our agent even told us not to eat breakfast tomorrow since we will probably throw up anything in our stomachs. I am sooo excited to get my face fucked brutally. Sierra and I have been getting booked a lot together lately :)

We shot a super hardcore scene for kink last week which will be an update on  I am really excited to see the scene for myself since it was probably the most insane, intense, and out there shoot i have ever done. We really got to test our limits in bondage and pain…sometimes it was painful but at the same time fun. I like the idea of being put in pain and then being relieved or rewarded by getting fucked hard. I have never felt like such a slut! There were about 30 people watching us get fucked and anyone could come up to us and fuck us or make us suck their dicks or lick their pussies. I’d love to do another scene like this as it is so much different then the usual BIG BOOB shoots I am always booked for. I love trying new things and this is one of the reasons I entered porn was to experiment with new sexual activities. I loved being tied up in the ropes! Something about being vulnerable is so sexy. My favorite part was when I was tied up and guys were lined up fucking my face…I am such a deepthroat whore, can’t ever get enough of it. At one point in the scene I am hanging in the air by just my tits, swinging around like a little fuck toy. Some might find these scenes “degrading” but its hard for me to feel degraded when I love every minute of it. I liked being reduced to whore :)

I am heading to Connecticut on May 4th! I am going home for about 2 weeks, although I didn’t buy my plane ticket home yet because sometimes I like to stay longer. I am excited to get out of LA for a while and go see my family and CT friends. I am going to miss Sierra a lot though…so that part kind of sucks. I am always sad when she isn’t home!! I am so glad we moved in together! A lot of people have been emailing me asking how everything is going so I just wanted to report that I think we made a great decision. We don’t ever fight and we get along really well…I haven’t regretted moving in together at all. We have been doing a lot of fun things together lately too. I brought her to her first rave and she had a blast! I am sooo happy too because I have always loved going to raves and I am so happy my best friend here enjoys them too.

I have to post all the pictures from the rave and we even have some video although its not of sex :(  Next time we will have to take video of the after party!! :)

Anyways I just wanted to update on what’s been going on in my life. I have the Evil Angel shoot tomorrow and then a shoot for Girlfriend Films on Monday which is going to be a girl/girl with Sara Stone. I LOVE Sara Stone…she makes it SUPER easy to get into a lesbian scene, something about her :) Gorgeous girl with a super hot body YUM!

Hope everyone is having an excited weekend! Love you guys



Picture Post!!

March 27th, 2010

Hey guys…so i took a bunch of photos in the bathroom the other day and wanted to share them with you! So without any further ado…bathroom pics!















Now here are the rest of my photos from the vegas trip :)







Hope you enjoyed the pics!

I shot for yesterday for !! It was such an AWESOME day! I had always wanted to try out a fucking machine and was hoping kink would contact me, so my new agent hooked it up for me. WOW…i got to use four different machines, i have never come so hard in my life. I totally want to buy one of those things haha! I probably would never leave my apartment though, i’d always be masturbating!

I am shooting my first anal  for a company other then my own website for Reality Kings on April 4th…so i am nervous to do it! The one on my website wasn’t planned for or anything it just kinda happened so im nervous to shoot a little bit, but also really excited ;)

Anywho thats it for now hope everyone enjoyed the pics! XOXO

love ya all. cass

Vegas trip, IR shoots, and pics!

March 23rd, 2010
Hey guys, so I went to Vegas for two nights with Sierra Skye for St. Patricks Day. I figured we would probably go there and get wicked crazy for a few nights, but for whatever reason I had NO aspiration what so ever to drink either days. The thought of it just wasn’t appealing. We even had got a free bottle of Sky Vodka to drink from our hotel and I could only muster up the courage to drink 4 drinks. So i was a little disappointed that I didn’t get my drunk on! We get two days to relax by the pool and set a little tan, which i desperately need! I only took a few pics in vegas which I will post at the end of the blog!

I also just shot my first anal scene for my website which came out today as you all have probably noticed! It was suppose to be an anal scene it just kind of happened! It was my first time receiving anal in over two years….WOW. craziness i really enjoyed it though and look forward to doing more intense scenes as I get use to cock in my ass! I also just shot my first IR with Jack Napier for my website which will be up on the 30th of March so I hope you guys enjoy that too! Sierra Skye and I shot for Jack yesterday for Voyuer Media as well for It’s Big it’s black it’s Jack #10 so I hope everyone will get a copy of that and cum hard to our super fucking hot scene! Its so fun working with Sierra as we are good friends and soon to be roomates, makes the scene so much more fun! And Jack is great…i was scared of his cock at first but it felt so good and he is also such a funny guy to be around and always has everyone laughing! A real sweetheart with a cock that never ends!

I messed around in the bathroom today and shot some pics for you so enjoy! also are vegas trip photos :)


sierra and i in the car

sierra and i in the car

my feet in the car

my feet in the car

I will post the rest of the photos later as it is giving me a hard time right now! XO

Undressing Shower pics

February 25th, 2010

here are a few photos of me getting out of my clothes before i hop in the shower! hope you enjoyIMG_2009







Hope you enjoy those photos…just a little tease to get your cocks hard :)~



Personal Training!

February 24th, 2010

I have personal training today and I am so excited! About a year ago I started getting interested in training for Muay Thai kickboxing…i had watched UFC for years and was always a fan of marital arts, then I met my current boyfriend and he trained muay thai and even had a few fights under his belt. He told me what a good workout it was so I looked up someone to train with here in LA. I found the BEST trainer ever. From the little she shared with me about her teen/young adulthood years we had some things in common. I could relate to her which makes training with her even better :)

Anyways I am going to be training at least twice a week, but most likely 3 times a week because I have so much time on my hands that I might as well spend it getting in AWESOME shape…and even try to become good enough to where I can start fighting :) That is my goal, to have a fight one day…it’d be awesome if i could get good at it. I remember our first training session I threw my first punch and she stopped and said “do you want to fight?” it was an awesome feeling because i grew up with everyone telling me the were afraid to fuck with me and i would test hit some of my guys friends and they always told me i hit just as hard as a guy lol. She explained that I came in differently then most people she trains, she said she usually has to teach girl how to hit hard but that they came in with good endurance. i was/am the opposite i have A LOT of power behind my punches but I get tired so quick since I am super out of shape….so basically I have the potential to be pretty good :) Haha that all sounds so cocky now…but you know what? Im down on myself about SOOOO much shit in my life, and this is one thing that I feel I might have some skill behind, so yeah it may sound like im bragging about my hard hitting punches lol but let me feel good about myself for at least one thing in my life right? :)

I even went to Thailand last September and trained a bit there with my boyfriend, we met a lot of awesome people. Here is a picture of the gym I trained at in Rawai. Im not even looking at the camera…and I am the only girl in the photo lol, i am sweating my ASS off…seriously this is the best workout anyone could ask for. thailand

Anyways thats it for now I will write another blog once I get home to tell you all how it went! XOXO


Doing well :)

February 21st, 2010

Hey everybody :)  I just can’t seem to get a smile off my face lately…its a rather pleasant change for me!  For those of you who don’t already know I have been diagnosed with depression, bipolar, and borderline personality disorder over the course of my 23 years. I don’t think doctors really know which category to put me in so thats why I have so many diagnoses. I was put on a new medication on Wednesday called Abilify and im loving it so far. It’s only been 4 days of taking it and i already see effects, usually you don’t notice if a med is working for 1-2 weeks but this one seems to be doing the job! So i am super excited about that. Life is so much easier when your not in the doubts of depression and all of the negativity that surrounds mental disease.

I had a few shoots this week! I shot for a new company for John Strong and had a boy/girl/girl scene with Marco and Sara Stone. I was so excited to work with Sara again since we had filmed a scene previously for Naughty America and believe it or not someone lost our scene and it was never put up! So we had a REALLY sexy video…we were both really into it and its going to produce a smoking ass scene! I also shot for Mike John and Tim Von Swine for NO CUM DODGING ALLOWED! My type of shoot :) so i got to suck of 5 guys dicks and then get fucked POV style from tim. So all in all i swallow and ENJOY six different loads of hot sticky cum. YUM…im getting horny all over again! I think a lot of the guys were impressed by my deepthroating skills…cuz a few of them went to stick their dicks far back into my throat and then they would stop thinking they would hurt me if they pushed a bit more, so i would grab onto their waists and shove the rest of it right down my throat…it was so sexy i felt like such a dirty whore. I was suppose to go to a in the VIP shoot but it was the day after my blowbang and I woke up with my face covered with broken blood vessels (from the scene being so rough the day before) so I looked scary and thought it would be best to stay home!

here are some photos from my Mike John Shoot :)




This is a REALLY creepy picture I took once I got home…i did not edit this photo AT ALL it just came out like this…looks like i am possessed by the fucking devil!


I have a shoot booked with bluebird films for tuesday so im looking forward to that :)  hoping that some more work comes my way soon!

Here are some random photos….some current body shots too!




I am trying to eat healthy now…and i make egg white omelette every day with chicken and garlic in it. Anyways, my boyfriend usually ALWAYS cooks my food but he is making me get my feet wet in the kitchen so that I know how to cook my own food. So here is a pic of my first ever self made omelette haha!


And finally a photo of my puppy dog, bernie the beagle! I alot of you were asking to see what my doggy looks like so here ya go! We bought him a toy dog that looks like him and he humps it all the time haha here he is chilling with his fuck dog.


Alright everybody thats it for today…hope everyone is having a relaxing Sunday!



Pictures from Sophie Dee’s party

February 8th, 2010

Hey guys, so i promised I would post my pictures from Sophie’s party which was 2 saturdays ago i believe. A lot of them look the same so I apologize for not being more creative! Hope you enjoy them!

sindee jennings, me, sierra skye, and sophie dee










So as you can see it was pretty much a photoshoot with me and Sierra Skye! Anyways it was a lot of fun! I have some more pics which i will most in another blog :) Hope you enjoyed these for the time being!



Lazy Monday :)

February 1st, 2010

So its a lazy monday here in the Calogera house….I went out Saturday night for Sophie Dee’s birthday and I am STILL recovering from the awful hangover that resulted in a night of partying! It was a lot of fun, but I find myself wishing that I hadn’t taken as many shots as I did!  Sometimes I tend to get a little out of control with my drinking, considering when I go up to the bar to order shots I ALWAYS get three at a time. Its like my drinking ritual! And before I know it I feel like a train hit me and I get sloppy drunk and fall all over the place…its not good LOL!

I wanted to apologize to my members for the lack of updates throughout the month of January. I should have made sure I had enough updates to last me while I was visiting in Connecticut but unfortunately I wasn’t able to shoot enough stuff before I had to go home. But I have been back for a week now and am excited to start shooting new stuff :)  I actually have a boy/girl/girl and a girl/girl scene planned for Wednesday which will be with miss Sierra Skye and Chris Strokes. Sierra is my favorite gal in the business and I love her too death so I am sure we will have plenty of fun getting dirty when it goes down! I love Chris Strokes too…I think I have only done one scene with him in the past and it was for Jules Jordan and I fell in love with fucking him really quick ;)

I talked with my agent and I should be back to shooting scenes shortly…however i have noticed that I barely get booked for work since my return. I use to be able to shoot 15 days out of the month if I wanted too…and now it seems I am lucky if I get booked AT ALL! I think some of it is my fault because I ended up flaking out on a few shoots during 2009 which obviously doesn’t help me out. However my work ethic is finally up to par and I am hoping I can prove everyone I want to be here in the industry and that I love and look forward to my job everyday! So keep your fingers crossed for me and lets all hope I book some work soon!

Well thats it for now, I should be updating my blog more often again. I kind of fell behind on my website during 2009 but I promise that this year it is going to be one of my MAIN priorities :) I should be shooting all kinds of new scenes and I am in the midst of buying a new really good webcam so I can start doing my weekly shows again.



Long time no talk!

October 4th, 2009

Hey everybody…so its been a WICKED long time since i’ve blogged. I’ve been in connecticut forever and i finally just made it back to LA. I was ready to start shooting this October and actually had some scenes pre-booked and ready for me but a week after I got home from CT my ex boyfriend who i dated for over 6 years commit suicide and i went back to CT for the funeral and wake. I ended up canceling my shoots because this was really hard to deal with and emotionally i just wasn’t ready to get back in the groove of things…needed some time to grieve and let the depression ease up with time. I am probably going to take off the rest of October and I am planning to go on a cruise with one of my friends in November so that will probably be taken off as well. Then in December I am returning to CT again for the holidays since I haven’t spent Christmas with my family in three years now and they say its just not the same without me! So you can expect to see me become pretty active again in January after the new year :)

Thank you all for you emails and support while I was gone! It was nice to know you were all thinking of me!



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